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END OF DAYS is here!

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Bestselling Author

  • Susan Ee is the author of the bestselling books in the Penryn and End of Days trilogy.
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* * * Book Reviews * * *

  • “Seriously and completely addictive.”
    - Glamour UK -

    “Susan is a brilliant writer.”
    - Sam Raimi -

    “Basically, it’s bloody brilliant.”
    - Star Magazine -

    "A frickin’ fantastic read"
    - Star -

    “Action packed and tense”
    - Sunday Mirror -

    “Action-packed and genuinely terrifying”
    - Entertainment Weekly -

    "A gripping page-turner"
    - UK Press Association -

    "A superior work of storytelling"
    - Dublin Evening Herald -

    "Slick, fast, and hip"
    - The Guardian -

    "Completely enthralling"
    - Sunday Mirror, UK -

    "The Next Big Thing"
    - Grazia Magazine -

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